THE LONG SEASON by Jim Brosnan


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That Brosnan is a major league baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds) is known to the fans, and the market for this unique autobiographical study of a typical season in the life of a pro will be largely for the game's addicts. (With perhaps a peripheral market among aspirants to pro baseball). This is not only a picture of the way it is -- but of the inner thoughts and feelings of the author. He talks of negotiating a contract, of preparation for the winter journey south and the family shift entailed, of how it feels to win or lose. He talks about teams and players, about travelling and sports writers, about radio broadcasters, and about the many intimate details attendant on the ""long season"" of 154 games. There is humor, genuine objectivity and much more intimate human interest than in any other comparable volume related to the game and the players. 1960 is Brosnan's thirteenth year in pro baseball, his fifth in the majors. When he is home- off-season- he lives with his wife and two children near Chicago.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1960
Publisher: Harper