BOSS LADY: An Executive Woman Talks About Making It by Jo Foxworth

BOSS LADY: An Executive Woman Talks About Making It

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Breezy off-the-cuff tough talk from an advertising executive who's been lots of places, especially around. Jo Foxworth grew up in Mississippi with the obligatory six-foot father disappointed at not being God and the surreptitiously powerful squirt of a mother. Together, they inspired in their daughter a desire to win, but the book is less about her or them than it is about the desire. Lady execs are bound to battle for the real responsibilities and respect that go with their token positions, she points out, because the attitudes of both sexes are not changing quickly enough to keep pace with the change in opportunities. Whether talking about the reasons for male uneasiness, the hard, cold business realities involved in self-packaging, or the secretaries reluctant to work for a woman, Foxworth's subject is ""gender discrimination"" and her style is to pinpoint each problem in general terms, fix it more precisely with a personal anecdote, and then guide the reader to a list of attitudes, policies, or images to adopt. Sometimes witty, but warmed-over.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell