WORLDS BEYOND THE HORIZON by Joachim G. Leithauser


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Subtitled ""The Story of the Great Age of Discovery from Columbus to the Present"" this is sure fire for the market stimulated by Arciniegas' Amerigo and the New World. And with Harold Lamb's New Found World (coming Oct. 20-see P. 627) the Fall promises to help widen horizons of readers. This is a popular, very entertaining book, exciting and dramatic accounts of the adventurous, intrepid men who- from the 6th century BC braved the distant horizons. A Carthaginian fleet explores the African coast; the Greeks, from Alexander on, found their way to Asia and Africa; the Romans opened up new routes and Marco Polo became a byword. In the history of exploration since Columbus names known to every schoolchild take on new color:- Magellan, da Gama, Vespucci, Cook, the conquistadores, the French explorers, the English- Drake, Raleigh and lesser lights; new discoveries of rubber and platinum- and a new surge of interest in South America; Humboldt -- and his contribution; Africa opening its secrets, as Mungo Park, Stanley and Livingston wrote their names on history's pages. Ultimately Asia had to be re-discovered, her wealth, culture and resources tapped. Russia expanded her boundaries into Siberia. The North Pole challenged next- then the Antarctic. Speculations on space-exploration brings the accent to today and tomorrow. A panoramic view of world geography -- interesting, informative, now brutal, now humane. Religion, politics, superstition, social history played their parts. A book for all ages; armchair explorers please note.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1955
Publisher: Knopf