THE CALCIUM-REQUIREMENT COOKBOOK by Joanne & Genell Subak. Sharpe Ness


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A sound compilation of recipes geared to preventing osteoporosis, the bone loss condition prevalent in older women. As the authors point out, there are effective preventive measures that can be instituted early in life that will lessen the likelihood of developing brittle bones; principally, they involve diet and exercise. The 200 recipes herein are designed to increase dietary calcium while watching total calories, lowering cholesterol and fat intake, and improving total nutrition. The authors thus avoid the common pitfalls of single-interest cookbooks--and provide reasonably tempting fare as well. They covet the gamut from appetizers to desserts, and accommodate current market interests (""pasta e fagioli with tomato sauce,"" ""bean sprout, kelp, and tomato salad""). In sum, helpful for those specifically concerned.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1985
Publisher: Evans