A GIFT OF ONYX by Jocelyn Kettle


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Based on an actual 18th century diary, just a slip of a story without too much ruching about Lady Eugenie Athelson, a very rich young woman who of her choice marries Athel Athelson from isolated Northumberland who has more use for her money than her ""thin flanks and fastidious ways."" Lovelessly then she has his children and a certain community of higher interests with his lame, broody brother Giles. At Athel's death -- her sons almost grown -- she goes to Italy where she meets the attractive, married Matteo and it's avanti with her amante for a short spell, before she returns to go gently into old age with her unacknowledged devotion to Giles. Belikes for the likes of Georgette Heyer -- although much gentler spirited and unassuming.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam