JOCKO by Jocko & Robert Creamer Conlan


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As talked to (or taped by) Sports Illustrated's Robert Creamer, this is a replay of Jocko's thirty odd years in major league baseball, primarily as the umpire he became at 36 in 1936. John Bertrand Conlan, who at one point found his height (wrongly) a handicap, delivers a good many facts about umpiring per se (not ""call 'em as you see 'em"" but ""see 'em first""), umpiring should be more uniform in both leagues; be firm and fair; and about the game, signals, spitballs (they don't exist) beanballs (a real danger) etc. And also about managers, Casey, Durocher ""the king of the complainers,"" and players, many of the great--Mays, Robinson, Williams. There's no big story here but Conlan keeps loose and slips a fair amount of information across home plate.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1967
ISBN: 0803263813
Publisher: Lippincott