STAYING THIN: The Doctor's Guide to Permanent Weight Control by

STAYING THIN: The Doctor's Guide to Permanent Weight Control

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Though these maintenance tips for those who have already dieted successfully are not as extreme as Linn's actual dieting ploys (in The Last Chance Diet, 1976, a liquid protein fast), they're pretty thin material for a book in themselves. Linn pontificates endlessly (and unoriginally) on the causes of constant weight re-gain: fear of sexuality and love, need to be pacified, ingrained habit, etc. But he keeps assuring us, cheerfully enough, that it's all in our compulsive little heads; and he seems to think we can combat it with lists (e.g., ""of all the situations, away from home, that have caused you to pig out in the past""); changes in environmental cues (unscrew the refrigerator light bulb to discourage midnight snacks); and gradual weaning away from habit--changing the place and kind of snacks, say. Most serious lifetime dieters will be able to find a useful behavioral suggestion here or there; but for a strong, full program, The Last Best Diet Book, by Joyce A. Bockar (p. 544), is a better bet.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1980
Publisher: Putnam