MINISTER by John B. Coburn
Kirkus Star


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What it takes to be a minister, or ""The man in the middle"", as he is described by the dean of the Episcopal Theological Seminary, Cambridge, Mass., is told in most compelling fashion. No young man who wonders what the ministry is all about will find any questions unanswered after he has read this engaging book. Real-life incidents in the life of a minister are frequently introduced to make the narrative vivid and factual in terms of human need and satisfaction. The true nature of a ""call"" is examined, the natural endowment and mental and emotional make-up of the man most likely to serve as a minister effectively is scrutinized; and the course of study he must pursue is weighted. The various types of ministry are examined, as well as the baffling needs of modern man to whom the Christian ministry is offered -- all this and much more is written in so interesting a manner, both in style and substance, that even a casual reader who may never have thought of the ministry as a vocation for himself, is likely to read on and begin, perhaps, to wonder if he may not be the man for whom this book is intended. Though written by an Episcopalian, the book is by no means intended only for Episcopalians. Any Protestant minister may give it freely to any of his own denomination who may begin to ask questions about the ministry.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1962
Publisher: Macmillan