SURRENDER VALUE by John Buxton Hilton


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Now retired, Chief Superintendent Kenworthy (Playground of Death) is asked by cool, correct Blanche Everard to help fred her husband John, a language teacher with a bad heart who seems to have taken off in search of some romantic dream. Also missing from the Everards' small town: strait-laced, 16-year-old Susan Shires, one of Mr. Everard's pupils, who went to London for the day and never returned. So there's certainly reason to suspect that the two missing people have eloped: just such a theory, in fact, is broadly hinted at in the school newspaper (run by Mr. Everard's hemesis, brash and brilliant student Justin Fairbrother). But matters are complicated for the police and Kenworthy by reports of the missing pair in a series of English coastal towns--plus the eventual discovery of two dead girls. . . all of which leads Kenworthy to the Continent. And before two separate murderers are nailed, Hilton has delivered a neat parcel of perky, fast-moving entertainment--though without the emotional grab that made Playground of Death a real standout.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's