THE WIDOW'S TALE or The Indiscretions of Lettuce by John Coates

THE WIDOW'S TALE or The Indiscretions of Lettuce

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Daydreaming, myopic widow Lettice, whose dead husband's merital work all too well with unattached males, is caught in a ""who's baby are you"" when her voluntary acquiescence leads to pregnancy. Deciding that her fiance will be adequate as a parent, when she again meets the actual father (also engaged), she produces stratagems that involve her half sister, her mother's current husband (without marriage), her fiance and the wanted Hector's bride to be. Walking out on her wedding to Dick, tossing him to her half sister, and trying to annex Hector, Lettice achieves tability through dishonor in spite of difficult wickets for her puss-in-the corner companions. British urbanity with a happy insanity, these effect a light touch for logic in the amoral manner, perhaps spinning its fun a bit thin. A blue-ose by pass here.

Pub Date: Aug. 6th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow