NAKE LORE by John Crompton


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Even for those who consider the subject matter repellent, this is an attractive book. It is lively, informal, and informative--though it is just as likely to reinforce attitudes of distress or distaste with its illustrations of the venomous snakes and tales and facts of their potent poison, as to win converts to the cause of the serpent, who happens to be our greatest asset against rats. The snake's long evolutionary course from legged to legless locomotion and other niceties that have provided it an ""improved standard of living"", its bill of fare, its host of enemies (from Asian mongoose to African meercat, not to mention man), its defense--neurotoxic or haemolytic poison--in the case of the venomous varieties--are handled with a light but careful touch, as are a number of species of the dangerous sort.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday