IDEAS ABOUT OTHERS AND YOU by John E. & S. Stowell Symmes Maher


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Introductory Utopia. Beneath the irrelevant title and beyond the seemingly innocuous beginning about waking up in the morning, a little lesson in social structures--viz. ""systems."" That alarm clock and you are a man-machine system while the bear has a natural system. And a school system is a social system just like a political system and the economy. This line of verbal equivalents is stretched so far that the people in the economy who produce things are the barbers (who ""produce haircuts and shaves"") and grocery store clerks (who ""produce the service of keeping things we want on their shelves""). Even if you can accept the forced language as a basis for argument, you might wonder that none of the systems ever overlap (except that the barber pays the grocer who pays the repairman who pays the doctor who pays the barber). And of course nothing ever interferes or (shhh!) breaks down. From first awakening to earned income in one easy lesson--all systems go?

Pub Date: April 4th, 1969
Publisher: Watts