FALCONS RETURN: Restoring an Endangered Species by John & Heinz Meng Kaufmann

FALCONS RETURN: Restoring an Endangered Species

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The ancient sport of falconry is not, for most of us, associated with conservation; indeed the practice of turning wild, cliff dwelling hunters into hooded, jessed perch dwellers may disturb many nature lovers. Ironically, the falconer's intimate knowledge of bird behavior now holds the best hope for the revival of the endangered peregrine falcon. Here, following an introduction to the peregrine's habits which is illustrated by some of the last photos taken of nesting families in the East, we see how falconer and biologist Heinz Meng practices his art in the traditional way--and how he reversed the process of ""manning"" to induce young peregrine couples to mate and raise their young in captivity. Meng's painstaking experiment, now being reproduced on a large scale at Cornell's ""Peregrine Palace,"" is an unusual example of a sportsman's lore coming to the aid of zoologists and conservationists and a hopeful sign that man may yet be able to reverse the process of extinction he has set in motion.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1975
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Morrow