ACROSS A WORLD by John J. Considine


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The world mission effort of the Catholic Church is presented through the eyes of a priest who journeyed from Rome through Asia and across the Dark Continent. Interesting travelogue with sidelights on history and conditions, and anecdotes of many out-of-the-way peoples whose faces are today involved with ours in a world war. Scenes of life among India's aboriginies, in a parish village, in a leper colony; visits to the tomb of St. Francis Xavier, Taj Mahal and Angkor Vat are among the wealth of experiences recounted. The author's reports of work being done by the missionaries and their reactions and problems are revealing, and their heroism and devotion inspiring. The maps are useful and decorative, and the many illustrations, with informative captions, support the mood of the book. The 8 pages of statistical charts of Catholic missions, and an appendix of missionary personnel, present a clear picture of the extent of the Catholic effort.

Publisher: Longmans, Green