THE AMERICAN TWENTIES by John K.- Ed. Hutchens


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A Literary Panorama"" of a period in which disillusion was turned to creative purpose, experimentation was expected and dullness rejected, and very varied writers were rewarded by the increasing number of readers. This is an anthology of short stories, verse, light and serious, drama, and various non-fiction pieces by the big names of the era which- almost without exception-have survived into the present one. Tapped for immortality are Ring Lardner, Sherwood Anderson, Hemingway, Dreiser, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker, Sinclair Lewis and John Dos Passos, Thomas Wolfe, Eugene O'Neill, Amy Lowell and Elinor Wylie, Hart Crane and Carl Sandburg, Benchley and Thurber, Broun and F.P.A. and Woollcott, among others. Hutchens in his introduction warns against the sentimentalization and oversimplification of an era which brought to an end America's status as a literary colony. The editor's discerning comments add appreciably to a vibrant collection which mirrors the enduring qualities of this generation.

Publisher: Lippincott