THE THIRD LISTENER: Personal Electronic Espionage by John M. Carroll

THE THIRD LISTENER: Personal Electronic Espionage

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Really quite disorganized addenda to Secrets of Electronic Espionage (1966) by a Professor of Computer Science who has also written about other technical advances of modern times, and technical is again the operative word here. For in between all kinds of spot or on the spot anecdotes (college boys bugging ladies' rooms on the campus) most of this is about the equipment you can use to secure information or to protect yourself against same, with the telephone company providing apparently endless opportunities for eavesdroppers. There's a chapter on the Safe Streets and Crime Control Act (which badly needs revision if not elimination), a glossary of terms, but none of this can compete with say Vance Packard's popular account or Alan Westin's more serious study. Mr. Carroll presumably knows all the scientific aspects except how to get them across without ""high impedance.

Pub Date: May 6th, 1969
Publisher: Dutton