THE TAKING OF THE GRY by John Masefield


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The fact that John Masefield's name is connected with this book lends a certain cachet to what would otherwise be a relatively unimportant sea story. It is far from another Bird of Dawning. The story concerns the cutting out of the steamer Gry from a naval harbor of a fictitious Spanish American country. The sea language is all ship-shape and Bristol fashion and there is no fault to find with the writing. The story just misses being exciting but at that it is a bit on the juvenile side, for the sea story fans it will prove weak tea after Mutiny on the Bounty, Sea Witch or Bird of Dawning. Play safe on orders. It is worth while, but I doubt if it has a long life. Might try with your boys' books."" So reports our specialist on sea books, E. S. McCawley.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1934
Publisher: Macmillan