THE DECEIVERS by John Masters


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A successor to the Nightrunners of Bengal which again lends a fictional fillip to the historical fact, contrives a period novel from actual incident -- this time that of an octopus organization known as the Deceivers (or Thugs) which pursued an operation of mass murder in India, in the early 19th century. William Savage, one of the younger and not too promising members of the East India Company, recently married to Mary, the daughter of his superior, intervenes -- with her encouragement -- to prevent the practice of suttes and save the wife of a native. His intercession leads to the evidence of a murder gang, and William's increasingly stubborn determination to put an and to it results in the loss of his post. With the help of a frightened, treacherous Indian- Hussain, William goes on alone, becomes a Deceiver, learns of the vast power of these worshippers of the Destroyer-Goddess Kali, jeopardizes his life as well as Mary's until his vigilance is supported -- and rewarded..... The dark ritual and savage superstition of an ungodly sect lends distinction here to a story which never gets beyond its Hollywooden frame and figureheads.

Publisher: Viking