HOLDFAST by John & Patricia Beatty


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At the death of the Red Earl, Catriona and her guardian/companion Irish wolfhound Marius are shipped to England as prizes of war, where they become, respectively, Lady Catherine the unwilling ward of the avaricious Latimers and Holdfast, London's champion bearbaiter. The wild Irish in Catriona can't accept the prospect of being married off to foppish Robert Latimer, but freedom comes as a boon from Queen Elizabeth who's much impressed by the spunky Catriona's resemblance to her and by Holdfast's gentleness in her presence (not realizing that the dog has been trained to chivalry). As with King's Knight's Pawn (1970), the Author's Notes are the most entertaining part, and if the girl-finds-dog plot is essentially a cliche, you can take comfort in the authenticity of the surroundings.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1972
Publisher: Morrow