YOUNG RAZZLE by John R. Tunis


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This is Tunis' off season- but then one can't expect a man to continue to turn out books of equal merit. Nonetheless it is a disappointment to find him writing a real baseball sob story, though the play by play description should endear it to the less critical among his readers. It is the story of an ambitious youngster on his way up in the major leagues as second baseman for the Yankees, when he comes up against his father, for years star pitcher in the majors and on his way down. The sportswriters become interested in the drama of the conflict, particularly when they find that Young Razzle doesn't even like his ""old man"". The father, a typical show-off on the field, makes a comeback, though he is out of training and too sure of himself, while the son suffers a setback due to publicity jitters. The rivalry between them results in their helping each other inadvertently through a tough spot, and finally- when pop goes out in a blaze of glory, they have become friends. Melodramatic -- but good reading, though not top drawer Tunis.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Morrow