PRE-EMPT by John R. Vorhies
Kirkus Star


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This goes Dr. Strangelove one better. Done up in a series of reports, articles, tapes, letters and editorials, it traces the events leading to the impeachment of the President of the U.S. It all starts with a message from the S.S. Nathan Hale, a submarine with enough bombs aboard to make it the sixth nuclear power. Captain Hawk of the Hale, demands that all nations with atomic weapons turn them over to the control of an international committee and he emphasizes his point by launching first a bomb into a relatively unpopulated area in the U.S. hinterlands, then ditto into Russia. The hot lines sizzle as the world tries to track down the renegade sub. Fall out brinksmanship.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1967
Publisher: Regnery