A FAITH TO FIGHT FOR by John Strachey


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This is a very personal book, from a man who usually deals in abstractions. It is a record of his own remaking of a faith, of his study of what there is in Socialism, the dogma he has accepted, that the Nazis have included, and where they have denied its tenets. He recognizes it as a ""revolution of destruction"", and states that England and democracy are fighting to prevent subjugation and enslavement, to defend their homes and their right to live as free men. This is not an economic creed, but a moral and spiritual expression of a man's firm belief in truth and love, and their power over fear, force and hate. He voices criticism of the attitude of the capitalists in our system, and pleads for the subordination of individual and material interests to the community good. There is much that is controversial in his expression of faith, but it is a book that gives one realization of ultimate aims and values -- ""a faith to fight for"".

ISBN: 1164479563
Publisher: Random House