REPORT FROM TOKYO by Joseph C. -- Ambassador Grew
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This isn't a personal story, except in so far as the ex-Ambassador to Tokyo has drawn on his own experience to emphasise and illustrate the points he is making for the reading public in the lesson he has learned and we must learn if Japan's might is to be utterly defeated. He sees that still we underestimate the enemy; he feels that we do not accept the meaning of all-out effort for self-survival, that we are simply shifting our emphasis from peace time to war time accomplishment, and making no sacrifice in the process. He paints a terrifying picture of a Japan grown strong in her own concentration to one end, a Japan scornful of our weakness, division, softness, a Japan prepared to carry invasion and conquest to our shores. He shows how this has been done, through youth movements (now superimposed on conquered countries), through education for war, through fanaticism, sacrifice, totalitarian economy. He shows the overpowering strength of the military, the oneness of the people with government and army. He shows how earnestly we attempted the role of good neighbour and why we failed. He is proud of our record of straight-dealing, releasing a vital cultural heritage. A sure seller.

Pub Date: Dec. 7th, 1942
ISBN: 1406749176
Publisher: Simon & Schuster