THE NEW HOPE by Joseph C. & Freeman Lincoln


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Here's the story that might have proceeded The Captain from Connecticut- the story of the adventure of preparing a privateer to harry the British navy blockading the residents of the Cape, keeping them from the lawful pursuits, in those strange months of the War of 1812. The New Hope was a cooperative venture of the inhabitants of a town not far from Provincetown, and- though everyone thought he knew everything about everyone else (save possibly the outlander, Jonathan Bangs, who was back of the idea and supervising the work at the shipyard), secrets were being given to the enemy, suspicious events were toward. Captain Dole, with whom Jonathan had sailed, and Jonathan divide the story telling between them, as adventure, romance and mystery build into a good yarn. Not too too salty or folksy. The Lincolns, father and son, have developed a successful pattern for substantial tales with wide market appeal.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1941
Publisher: Coward, McCann