........AND NOW MIGUEL by Joseph Krumgold
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On a sheep ranch near Taos, Miguel Chavez grows to manhood and his wistful story is told with a deep feeling for all the people and activities of which he must be a part. During the year of his twelfth birthday, as Miguel tells his own story, his deepest wish is to go to the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo as a true shepherd. Through it, we are aware of his pent up longing in the past, and now, as he himself becomes increasingly aware of his surroundings, there is an extremely clear picture of them. Miguel wants to be recognized by his family; he wants to be an intelligent shepherd. He describes his feelings at times almost poetically and always in a way that brings both personalities and all the bustling life of a sheep ranch into sharp focus.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1953
ISBN: 006440143X
Publisher: Crowell