HIEROGLYPHS FOR FUN: Your Own Secret Code Language by Joseph & Lenore Scott

HIEROGLYPHS FOR FUN: Your Own Secret Code Language

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Despite occasional attempts to make hieroglyphs ""fun,"" the Scotts (who were more at home in the older, no-nonsense Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Everyone, KR, 1969) are unlikely to start an intermediate school fad of writing English words in ancient Egyptian symbols or keeping bowling or football scores in the cumbersome Egyptian number system just to ""be really different. . .or confuse your math teacher."" However, those few who are interested in playing a more serious kind of Egypt game, as well as those with a chance to do something different for social studies, will find here a listing and explanation of the hieroglyphic alphabet, bilaterals and other symbols, a few practice exercises in adapting them to English sounds (the authors acknowledge that ""some imagination"" is required here), and an awareness of the existence of more complicated matters (such as the over 3,000 unspoken ""determinatives"") that the Scotts understandably gloss over here.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1974
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold