A TIME OF PREDATORS by Joseph N. Gores


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Not to be taken on an empty stomach, this shrill action story which might have originated in any news item, deals with the gratuitous attack by four young men on a hapless bystander which leaves him blind. But not Paula Halstead, a professor's wife, who has witnessed the incident and may or may not be able to identify them. She becomes expendable and after they subject her to a gangbang, she commits suicide. Before long the police drop a case hopeless in both its identification and prosecution, and it is Paula's husband, increasingly predatory, who literally wants an eye for an eye with the only possible lead via a ten-year-old boy. The final stakeout is grim indeed but for all its atavistic brutality--it will be read. By men certainly.

Pub Date: July 7th, 1969
ISBN: 0765310511
Publisher: Random House