THE WEB OF TIME by Josephine Lawrence


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Again a well domesticated examination and amplification of a common problem -- the compulsory retirement of the man of sixty five-when a social stethoscope is applied to this time and the middle class walk of life. For Munsey Wills, who owns (too big) a house but has no savings, there is no leeway for the years ahead and the wedding of his last daughter exhausts his reserves. But over and above the economic difficulties, there is the shattered self-respect for which there can be no compensation. As a husband at home, he is useless and underfoot. A plumbing expense sends his wife- for whom homemaking had been a full time occupation- to work in a store at a job she dislikes. And finally, after months of searching- and rejection, the possibility of a job in a small museum- if only as a guard- gives him a new lease on an old life.... For women, a reliable diagnosis of a critical issue, and an undemonstrative illustration of a theme in terms of a people they can recognize and who are probably living right next door.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1953
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace