MOON EYES by Josephine Poole


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Scrawled on the broken statue in the middle of the pond--""First we'll wait, then we'll whistle, then we'll dance together""--this seemingly praakish nonsense sentence is an invitation from a witch to her familiar. Aunt Rhoda is the witch who moves in with her mother's step-great-grand-children and fights for the possession of the silent young Thomas' soul. She hopes and needs to inhabit Thomas and older sister Kate's house where her master, the dog Moon Eyes, lives. The supernatural menace is sometimes echoed, sometimes opposed by nature but the menacing mood is never broken; three terrifying pictures make the nature of the threat visible. Kate and Thomas are real if solitary youngsters, with the strength of will to hold their own individuality against a powerful, totally evil force. A conventional but convincing witch story set in England, chillingly told.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1967
ISBN: 0340843748
Publisher: Little, Brown