THE WILSON ERA: Years of Peace -- 1910 - 1917 by Josephus Daniels

THE WILSON ERA: Years of Peace -- 1910 - 1917

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Third volume of the memoirs of Wilson's Secretary of the Navy -- in which we are introduced to world figures, at the early stages of their careers. In view of the freshened interest in Wilson as a human being, this should reach a wider market than the earlier volumes, for Wilson really emerges as a warmer, more vital personality than in most presentations. More important, perhaps, than the human facets of the picture is the light thrown on some of the controversial issues of the Wilson campaign and election, the problems of Mexican intervention, of Haiti, of the purchase of the Virgin Islands, of ""watchful waiting"", of the ""New Freedom"", of progressive legislation in tariff and tax and currency reform, and of the march towards war. Daniels himself is kept in the background, even in the chapters devoted to streamlining our antiquated navy. Not an inspired autobiography, but a revealing portrait of a period that in many ways parallels years not far past.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1944
Publisher: Univ. of N. Carolina