SEE JANE RUN by Joy Fielding
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Here's the stuff of nightmares for those intimidated by doctors, or by husbands for that matter, from the author of Kiss Mommy Goodbye (1981) and others. Quelle surprise when Jane Whittaker finds herself in the middle of downtown Boston with blood spattered on the front of her dress, $10,000 in large bills stuffed into her pockets, and no idea who she is. After stashing the filthy frock and loot in a locker and roaming aimlessly for a spell, she winds up in Boston Hospital, where she's recognized as the wife of the widely respected pediatrician Michael Whittaker. He claims her, takes her home to the suburbs, acts oh-so-nice, installs a fascist housekeeper to watch over her while he's at work, and then feeds her lots of funny little pills that make her feel only worse. Other things further unhinge her: the fresh scar on Michael's forehead (which she connects with the blood on her dress), neighbor Carole, who accuses her of an extramarital affair, and the news that she has a daughter, Emily, whom Michael is keeping out of sight. One foiled runaway attempt brings revelations from the good doctor, who tells Jane that she killed both her mother and Emily, then bashed him with an Oriental vase, causing the cut. Understandably, Jane freaks, making drug injections seem reasonable, though they turn her into a near vegetable. But when she learns by accident that Emily is alive, she bolts, intent on figuring out what really happened on the day her amnesia set in. The ugly truth has to do with Michael's deep, dark attraction to little girls--which he's ready to do anything to hide. Fielding's tracking of Jane's amnesia is belabored, but, still, this psychological suspenser is a bang-up good read--What Ever Happened to Baby Jane meets The Good Mother--and probably Fielding's best since Kiss Mommy Goodbye.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1991
Publisher: Morrow