MANNERS FOR MODERNS by Judith Ungor Scott


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What with Betty Betz' Your Manners are Showing (Grosset) and Guide Book for the Young Man About Town by Jonathan (Winston) -- and the reissue of the Welshimer book (see P. 3, this issue), and a number of others of varying degrees of excellence, this seems ""coals to Newcastle"", as it contributes no special advantages over the others. Personally, for girls I'd choose the Betz' book (as striking more of an average social and financial level)- the Jonathan book for boys who are beginning to acquire an urge towards the patina of civilization. Manners for Moderns is definitely carriage trade, but there's plenty for all young people, good emphasis on dating procedures, petting, what to wear, how to get along with people, clothes, visiting, etiquette of letter writing, of travel, and so on. Perhaps the newest thing about this book is the section on behavior problems of a new school, a new home, which I don't remember in other books. Generally easy, entertaining reading.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1949
Publisher: Macrae-Smith