CALL FOR GOD by Karl Barth


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Twelve more sermons, delivered to inmates of Basel prison, are added to those offered in a similar volume some time ago by the noted Swiss theologian. They represent a well-intentioned effort to bring comfort and hope to prisoners. Yet the impression remains that the Professor is on a charity tour. Swiss prisoners may differ from American. If more or less unconsciously made allusions and assumptions that slip into the sermons are to be trusted, Swiss incarcerates are accustomed to attending church and puzzling about the name of God, to having their work interrupted or their listening to music broken off by telephone calls, and to being caught up into international political events. The themes and development will read as traditional religious preaching to some; to others, the distinction between these sermons and fundamentalism will be largely in their sophistication, not their basic vocabulary or modes of thought. Barthian readers will welcome this addition to the library of the master's works; others may read and puzzle over the eminence that has been accorded to Barth as a theologian and preacher.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1967
Publisher: Harper & Row