FATHERLAND by Karl Billinger


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A Communist in Hitler Germany tells of his party's work despite terrorism, of his arrest, his two imprisonments, and of his further work for the party. The subterranean methods employed, the terrorization of party members, the brutality of Nazi methods perfected to inquisition torture, the prison life and life in concentration camps, where they are schooled to be good Hitlerites (only in their case, the program was reversed and they made converts to Communism), the constant espionage and humiliation, the means used to evade the anger of the guards, without losing their own self respect, the reason for the failure of the Communist uprising, the ever-present hope for the proletarian revolution. Factual reading, another facet of life in Germany today, almost incredible but interesting.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1935
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart