LEAN WITH THE WIND by Karl Schenek
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Plenty of humor -- South Sea lore and enchantment -- for a top escape tale which will bring to mind Nordhoff and Hall's No More Gas (1939)... and which should prove an answer for many to the need of entertaining summer reading. Come Unto These Yellow Sands (Hobbs-Merrill, 1940) is witness to the author's familiarity with his setting, for this novel of the Durand family in Parents --and their attempt to break away from traditions. The Breton-French and Polynesian strains reach their highest conflict in Flavine, who worries about the Durand business, financial disasters, at the same time delighting in their native ability to override all troubles. The father really brings ruin upon them when young Plerre lomes a horse race: but they seize the chance to locate buried treasure under the guidance of Cockney Jim. Their boat is wrecked in a bad blow but the island that succors them brings Flavion a native wife and a guide to their fortune, which has been tossed in the ocean by natives. In Papeete they discover they are penniless, their mortgage about to be foreclosed, taxes overdue, and in debt for their voyage. Their Boots mechanic drives out the intruders -- and Flavine's island wife restores their financial standing. They are ready to start over, with a feeling that the island way is better than the white man's... Good entertainment value.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey