FAME AND FORTUNE by Kate Coscarelli


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Four middle-aged women of Beverly Hills are glossily liberated from their troubles--and their miseries are Men, of course: absent, or present and presenting problems. Splendiferously wealthy Peach Malone (nÉe humble Kitty O'Hara) was deliriously happy while married to millionaire Drake--but now she's a widow, grieving and miserable, her finances taken care of by her husband's trusted banker and lawyer (patronizing sorts). Meanwhile, Peach's pal Maggie Hammond yearns for a decorating career--despite hubby Kirk's longtime chauvinism. Meanwhile, too, happy homemaker Laura is being cheated on by husband Jim, a glitterati doctor involved with actress Chilly Jordan--while poor Grace, successful beauty-salon-er, tries to forget her miserable past: unwed motherhood, rape, near-starvation. And, worst of all, Grace's daughter Carey now returns from college to announce that she's pregnant by a new 48-year-old lover. (Guess who? Her own, never-known father!!) Small wonder, then, that Grace freaks out. . . while things pick up for her chums: Maggie finds work and new love in N.Y.; Kirk and Laura, the traditional marriage buffs, lock in on one another; and Peach, having a trial sex run with a young actor, is beginning to take a beady-eyed scrutiny of the male handling of her finances. Slow-soak problems, a heavy load of trouble (some of it preposterous), but it all comes out neat and fluffy--in a B+ potpourri of likable junk.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's