THE GREEN SPRIG by Kate Gambold Dyer


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A wild tale in plot and character, this strenuous historical is centered around the spying and skulduggery involved in the activities of Major John Andre appointed to negotiate with Benediot Arnold for the surrender of West Point. Thirteen-year-old Stephan Fisher, bound boy to kindly but querulous Aunt Dorcas, finds himself in the midst of intrigue when a Captain Jack Anderson of the British army is billeted at the home of Aunt Dorcas. Jane, a bound girl, and the cook Hallie Lou are concealing Jane's fiance, a spy in the American army, and the resultant confusion and intrigue in those days of 1777-8 in Philadelphia provide many lively incidents and adventures with Stephan as the private messenger to ""Captain Jack"" who is finally arrested as Major Andre. The characters are loosely drawn and Washington and Arnold chatter like magpies to young Stephan. Fast but uneven, although good background for the Andre Arnold incident.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1950
Publisher: Westminster