TRUCK by Katherine Dunn


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Dutch is built like a boy (a boy pygmy to be exact) and talks and dresses like one, and does everything they do and worse, like bushwhacking other teens' love scenes and pinching Tasty Cakes and roasting an old lady's canary alive in its cage. But inside where it counts, you see, there's the baleful yearning of a 15-year-old child/woman -- you can tell by the way she talks, one minute about her spready freckles and the 'mung' between her toes, and the next about the future when she'll marry a gas station attendant and read ""fancy books to forget I'm dead."" She'll split for the west coast with Heydorf, full of zits and existentialism and crazy criminal schemes. They'll pull a job and truck to Mexico and live outside the system. But Dutch is very complicated, and so's Heydorf, and so are the best-laid plans. And don't forget the system. As Dutch says finally, ""You are who eats you."" She says lots of shrewd, entertaining things and you may find yourself liking her enough to make allowances.

Pub Date: July 28th, 1971
ISBN: 0446391530
Publisher: Harper & Row