TOTAL SEXUAL FITNESS FOR WOMEN by Kathryn & Maria Agardy Lance


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Woman as pelvis, with dozens of exercises designed to ease premenstrual tension or pain in childbirth, while promoting health in ""the organs that make you, a woman, unique."" ""As a bonus,"" the exercises are also guaranteed to improve your sex life. Routines are divided into three levels of difficulty, and readers are advised to check with their gynecologist before tackling anything strenuous. Further divisions allow women to choose whether to strengthen the abdomen, the pelvic floor, or the lower back. As you might guess, abdominal exercises rely on pulling, arching, and rocking motions, while the pelvic floor routines are based on the well-known Kegel contractions of the P-C muscle (the one used in urination). Strength and flexibility are the focus in exercises designed to stave off back pain. And for those who have reached an acceptable level of proficiency at the end of any one level of exercise, maintenance programs enable women to continue without overextending. Relaxation exercises and specialized pelvic exercises for children, for menstrual cramps, for infertility and incontinence round out the effort. All in all it's a bit too localized for some; but those with special problems in the area will find the exercises sound and varied.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1981
Publisher: Rawson, Wade--dist. by Atheneum