HORSELESS BUGGY by Katrine MacGlashan
Kirkus Star


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A sparkling family portrait which most people will find fun in reading, with the additional entertainment value for enthusiasts of old cars, automobile history, and American invention. Plenty of tartness, intelligence, humor and period charm to the Scots family of Morrisons and of Mama's brother, David McIntyre, inventor, whose dreams of and work on a line car alienates his family because of the varying lean, good, very good and bad times incurred for all of them by the seesaw of his invention and manufacturing. How Dells and Ellen lose their beaux over Uncle David; how Mama is pitied, scorned, humiliated by his activities; how Uncle David becomes a national figure when he drives his car to New York and the auto show. Good going, and an interesting glimper into the public attitude towards horseless locomotion.

Publisher: Little, Brown