BULL FEVER by Kenneth Tynan


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An English theater critic, whose Persona Grata was published here in 1954, by Putnam, applies his elegant pen to bullfighting, the bulls and the matadors, and details his tauromachian pilgrimage of 1952. From Pampalona, Madrid, Segovia and Valencia he follows the corridas, vividly describing the techniques of the fighters, the differences in the bulls, the criticism of the aficion the promise Of the young comers in the Novilladas and the variety of spectacles the bull ring holds. Immensely impressed with the ""grace and valor, poise and pride"" he shares his exhilaration with each perfect performance; he compares the new fighters with old masters and he builds up to the competition for the Golden Ear between Litri and Ordonez. The complexity of the rituals attendant on a bullfight, the national and local feeling about its stars, the adornments to-the fiestas that follow -- this is almost as much a book about Spain as it is about its unique national expression. The art and the emotion of the contest are to be illustrated by 45 photographs and the book should have its market among the older Hemingway followers, those who fancied The Brave Bulls of Tom Lea and those others who may have found for themselves the fascination of the bullring.

Publisher: Harper