THE BLUE MAN by Kin Platt


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In colloquial teenage jargon, Steve tells the tale of the mysterious Blue Man, first seen at Uncle Fred's hotel in Maine where Steve has come for summer work. His uncle's violent death sets Steve in hot pursuit of the blue fiend through mountains, highways and roadside inns. Always two steps behind another murder, twice attacked himself, Steve never makes any bones of his own terror. Penny, the beautiful girl he befriends on the way, is a big help in the victorious wind-up. The diary-of the Blue Man reveals that he is a poor, scarred and crippled creature shunned by everyone, who accidentally made contact with the blue people of another solar system and is preparing for ascension to their planet as an accepted member of the race. The book reads like Steve's perception of the whole experience; ""It was just like a movie, no kidding. Not a good one, but one of those B picture thrillers..."", and this is a generous commentary.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1961
Publisher: Harper