THE MUD PONIES by Lace Kendall


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The young Indian, an outcast from the village, roamed the forests and hills. After a dream, he molds two ponies out of mud, and for a while treats them like real animals, carting them to water, to grassy pastures, and carrying them everywhere. He returns to the village, but is mocked by the tribe. However, when the mud animals come to life, and grow large, the boy wins a race on one, and is heralded as a brave. Based on a Pawnee myth, the story is framed in an Indian quiet; the mood never changes. The events are not earth-shaking, nor even exciting, but the listening clan may enjoy hearing the simple tale. The black, reddish-brown, and white illustrations are uneven-- some soft and rounded, others geometric, but they do reflect an appropriate serenity.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1963
Publisher: Coward-McCann