CHAINS, WEBS & PYRAMIDS: The Flow of Energy in Nature by Laurence Pringle

CHAINS, WEBS & PYRAMIDS: The Flow of Energy in Nature

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A simple explanation, characteristically to the point, of food chains, webs and (a newer model) pyramids, all of which begin in the leaves of green plants where sun energy is changed to food energy. Pringle points out that although energy is never destroyed, a great deal is lost (dissipated as heat) at each link in the chain, so that each organism passes on less than it receives and, thus, the longer the chain the less energy is available at the end of it. Pringle cites studies documenting such energy loss and others showing the importance of detritus in the ""flow"" process. In his application of ""energy flow"" principles to present and projected food shortages Pringle is less probing and skeptical of flabby solutions than he has been on other environmental topics, but as a necessary first step in understanding the issues this has unquestionable value.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1975
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell