THE WILD BIRTHDAY CAKE by Lavinia R. Text by Davis
Kirkus Star


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A picture book- a story book- good for reading aloud to the picture story book age level and up. A thoroughly satisfying book in the story of a very real small boy who lives on a country hillside, and sets out one beautiful morning for a day of outdoor adventure. He has the new knapsack he bought with his own pennies. He wriggles his toes inside his sneakers. He whistles as he starts off, hands in pockets. He says ""hello"" to the neighbors, but ""No"" to their suggestions of things to do. He meets the professor, his ""best friend"", who is transferring his turtles from winter to summer home. And then he remembers that he has no birthday present for the professor's 75th birthday that evening. It almost spoils his day, but finding a lamed wild duck makes up for it, until he realizes he cannot keep the duck at home. And at the end he gives it to the professor as a birthday gift, and the mallard finds a home on the professor's pond. Natural story telling of little-boy activities and thinking -- one of the best in many a day. The pictures on every page follow the story and give the fool of the countryside, and the three colors give just enough sense of Spring to fit the background. Board binding, with pastedown, and cloth reenforced spino. A book for a long life.

Publisher: Doubleday