THE FIERY FURNACE by Lawrence Williams


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John Tarrant is a firebug, from the time when he first experiences the pleasurable excitement of watching a neighbor's field burn, on to the fire he sets in his own barn which cripples his brother Harry for life, and from then on to the acts of arson in Hollywood- and in hotel rooms abroad which make him vulnerable to the blackmail of a Sicilian, Blandino. But his love for Carla, and the fires he lights up in her, seems to put out the old need and they return to America together, followed by Blandino, and further threatened by Harry who insists that Carla be told the truth. Carla runs away from only part of it which she overhears, and there is a scene- between the brothers- which ends with a furious blaze in which Harry is trapped. John goes back to save him, and, in so doing, himself, and now has proved ready for and deserving of Carla.... Intended as a hybrid between humor and terror, this has a pretty unfunny figure of fun to begin with and playing with fire was never a good idea. A first novel, by a Hollywood actor and popular magazine writer.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1960
Publisher: Simon & Schuster