THE RESPONSIBILITY OF POWER by Leonard & Fritz Stern -- Eds. Krieger


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As broad in historical concern as the work of the man it honors, the book's integrating theme is the problem of power, and the solutions and evasions with which various ruling groups have met it. The twenty-four contributors to this collection of essays are former students and colleagues of Professor Hajo Holborn. They have written on a range of subjects from ""The Responsibility of Science"" to ""The Responsibilities of Power according to Erasmus."" The group includes such distinguished scholars as Roland Bainton, Gordon Craig, Peter Gay, Fritz Stern, and Herbert Marcuse. While some of the topics are of interest chiefly to professional historians, Blum's essay on ""The Limits of American Internationalism: 1941-45"" and Kirchheimer's ""The Conditions of Revolutionary Power"" are among those with much to offer the general reader. The book amply meets the requirements of a good Festschrift: it reminds one of the value of Holborn's work (especially The Political Collapse of Europe) and it offers original scholarship of considerable merit.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday