TOM AND THE SMALL ANT by Leonore Klein


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Not a thing to do that is fun and new,"" complained the boy Tom. The ant, who had shared the same little patch of land described it differently. ""What a day... Excitement and tears. I won't forget it for years and years!"" It's all a matter of perspective. For Tom there was nothing exciting about a leaf, a rose, a cat, a puddle, a scrap of paper, a sliver of candy; but to the ant these were major obstacles. The story is perhaps a little too introspective and repetitious to be really inviting, but it does illustrate very well the sometimes difficult to understand concept of varying points of view. The illustrations shift back and forth from the boy's to the ant's eye view of things; they manage very well to achieve both a sense of great space and of minute detail and they are strikingly colored.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1965
Publisher: Knopf