P. D. KIMERAKOV by Leslie Epstein


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Mindblowing Bolshoitski, one kind of disarray after another and never still a minute, about Pavel Donatovich Kimerakov, one of the original All-Moscow Rocketeers of the '3Os, now an Academician engaged in gerontological research. With the discovery that the Russian Cosmonauts are failing in one fashion or another (dizzy spells, sterility, premature signs of age) P.D. maintains that this is due to cosmic rays as he did years ago when it was considered an aberration on his part. Still he is sent to the U.S. to a meeting, collapses on the podium (the allure of a young spectator), falls madly in love with a young woman over there, goes home to produce a child via his ""so well-preserved"" Larisa, and eventually to be expelled from the Academy of Sciences. Farce, not for ""kretins,"" full of culture shocks of one kind or another as well as some marvelous aphorisms (""A pig wearing trousers will roll in the mud""), but still farce, more demanding than the genre implies while you're hanging on to your head and in danger of losing it P.D.Q. In other words--almost like red caviar.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1975
Publisher: Little, Brown