NOTHING BUT THE BEST: The Luck of the Jewish Princess by Leslie Tonner

NOTHING BUT THE BEST: The Luck of the Jewish Princess

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An immensely good-humored jostling of the mystique of that family jewel, the Jewish Princess, a flower blooming even in the desert air: out in the sticks ""if there's a Kleinfeld's Department Store and [he] has a daughter, there's a Jewish Princess around somewhere."" Ms. Tonner, who is admittedly the result of a modified royal schooling, traces the evolution of the present product through several generations--from the shetl drudge (you should marry well) to the Americanized Cinderella-at-the-ball, groomed for Doing Well, with good schools, fine clothes and Culture. Tonner celebrates milestones in the adored parental investment, beginning with ""a veritable Versailles of clothing,"" a ""mile of wire installed in the mouth,"" the nose job and Shopping I and II conducted by Mother. Then mating procedure (""Mrs. Irving Horowitz and the late Irving Horowitz joyfully announce the marriage of their daughter. . .""); mate choice (""John Jacob Astor steps aside for Dr. Marvin Schwartz, urologist""), Sex (""Going to bed with a princess is something an Arab shouldn't experience"" according to as winger prince); perfection (note the model who carded her own jeweler's eye to select an engagement ring) and childbirth(involving a hospital procession with Mother toting a ""leaving the hospital dress"" in a cleaner's bag). Although the author has interviewed some notable princesses (a doctor, rabbi, Molly Parnis, Dena Kaye, etc.), and enjoys their drive, style, family loyalty, and constant motion, it's the agreeable knips that will appeal to the princesses and their families--who will run to this as to Dan Greenberg's Jewish Mother.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1975
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan